Who we are

Wetlands Clothing - we don't want to limit ourselves to just one label or genre. We come from the street. We come from nature. We absorb our surroundings and create how we see fit. We think. We fiddle. We critique. We fiddle some more. We produce.

When it really comes down to it, you're just you. The person sitting next to you is in the same boat. We all come in different flavors and from different backgrounds.

We're your neighbor. We're your coworker. We're here to provide you with some fashionable clothing to keep you fresh and stylish anywhere you end up.

We might be more concentrated on providing clothing for the more active, but that won't stop us from trying to appeal to everyone that will take the time, check out our line, and appreciate what we have created.

We are street. We are nature. We are Wetlands.

What we do

We just want to make quality threads for people on and off the mountain. We want to have an open relationship with our customers. No one should feel cheated.

If you have a complaint, complain. If you want to give us props, give us props. If you have a suggestion, suggest. Without you, there's no us, and without us there's no quality clothing.

Contact us with anything you'd like us to know. We'll reply to e-mails and address any concerns or questions you have.

Product info

We currently print on quality American Apparel and Alternative Apparel clothing. These companies have stood up to all the clothing we have tested; the best quality for comfort and printing. They tend to be more expensive than other threads, but every time you sport these clothes you'll be glad. Whenever we can cut costs, you will see it reflected in the product price.

These companies assure our clothing is created under fair working conditions, with American Apparel being made in the USA and Alternative Apparel's strong stand against sweatshop conditions.


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