There are several ways to contribute to the Wetlands cause. First and foremost, you can always purchase something(hint hint). Another way to contribute is to submit artwork to be a featured artist for the month.

Here are a few other options to spread the germ, err word:

Download any of the following images and blow them up to your desired size to make posters out of them. Hang them on your wall or paste them where you want. You can use wall paper paste bought from most hardware stores as well as a brush (at least 4" or even a roller), and a bucket. Brush the surface first and then brush over the poster hard enough to avoid bubbling.

You can also make any of these images stickers by going to a copy shop and xeroxing any of these designs onto sticker paper. It's best to bring your own sticker paper because it's usually cheaper at an office supply store.

Once you have done all of this, send us photos of Wetlands sightings and they might land on our front page with a credit to your name. When snapping your pictures, keep in mind we make our siting photos 605W x 300H (2:1 ratio). So if there's some cool landscape you want in there, remember those numbers.